The Ambassador is a voluntary position. He/she shall be understood as an accelerator, an amplifier to increase the intended impact of the Rain for Food program. Within the intended outcome “to boost RWH for food security”, the ambassador takes an active role, through a collective approach, which entails the maintenance of a broad network.

The main objectives are:

  1. To bring together a diversity of RWH actors;
  2. To support global, regional and national exchange of knowledge about rainwater harvesting;
  3. To provide and promote tools and lessons learned from the field.

Intention – we are looking for:

Regional/local well-positioned networkers with the power to communicate in a way that touches people and moves them to get involved, make them feel that they can make a difference by organizing themselves. The ambassador uses his/her commitment, competences and network to spread the word in various organisations, panels and public authorities. The ambassador will boost the program on a regional and country level and, in constant exchange with the other ambassadors, boost a global RWH movement.

We look for ambassadors at two levels:

  1. Locally well-embedded practitioners;
  2. Internationally known personalities, with an interest to promote RWH for Food security.

The ambassador receives

  • Receive online toolkit with practical tools and up-to date RWH for food information to be used and dispersed by ambassadors;
  • 2 annual ambassador meetings;
  • Exchange with ambassador group via provided online exchange and knowledge sharing platforms.

Regions include

  • East Africa;
  • West-Africa;
  • South-Asia;
  • Latin America.


  • Acquaintance with the Rainwater for Food Security objectives and activities;
  • Proven accomplishments, knowledge and innovation in the sphere of RWH;
  • Integrity with strong desire to help mobilize people, institutions and the public interest in support for Rainwater for Food Security program;
  • Potential and commitment to reach out to significant audiences, including decision makers.

Main activities

  • Promote RWH pilots and innovation projects; Conduct documented visits/project updates to RWH implementation projects;
  • Linking & learning (South-South; South-North learning);
  • Organize trainings and events for linking and learning (use IFAD/RAIN developed tools);
  • Promotion or lobbying; to integrate RWH into national water agendas (using IFAD/RAIN products);
  • Knowledge Management; identify, create, promote and disperse valuable information and innovations in the sphere of RWH initiatives (using IFAD/RAIN online knowledge platforms (e.g. blogs, new items, twitter);
  • Personal positioning; Create a strong personal exposure and branding, as stepping stone towards creating intended global RWH movement;
  • Mobilizing funds; to implement and promote RWH for food security.

Butterfly effect

By decentralized action and dispersed knowledge sharing and promotion, the ambassadors are expected to play a key role in what we call the ‘butterfly effect’. A process in which simple messages lead to unforeseeable positive impacts, such as practical uptake of RWH and funding interest.



Become an ambassador

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