"Always on the lookout for new ambassadors!"

"Acting as a linking pin with like-minded people and sharing experiences and knowledge on rainwater harvesting using innovative methods like webinars, demonstration sites and a community of practice is wonderful and extremely important to strengthen the links between water and food security."
Robert Meerman Programme Coordinator, Rainwater for Food Security (IFAD), The Netherlands Amsterdam, The Netherlands www.rainfoundation.org

“Working in creative environments and bringing together different actors, is what makes me tick. Creating new concepts and exchanging past experiences, building something even better".
Basja Jantowski Senior Programme Officer, Rainwater for Food Security, The Netherlands Amsterdam, The Netherlands www.rainfoundation.org

"Mali’s development depends on the access to water of the urban and rural population on a permanent basis. The Rain for Food programme provides specific knowledge and specific solutions on how to achieve this”.
Banzoumana Coulibaly Young Expert Programme, technical advisor for Rainwater Harvesting Capacity Centre / Helvetas, Mali www.helvetas.org

“I am strongly convinced that rainwater harvesting is the best way to adapt to climate change and guarantee water and food security in the Andean countries”.
Edwin Rodriguez Valle Programme Officer, of Andean Network for Rainwater Harvesting, CBC, Peru www.cbc.org.pe

"If you collect rainwater in a sustainable and effective way, you can use this water for food production or to reduce water scarcity. I am strongly convinced that knowledge on rainwater harvesting and its impact should be known to more people around the world!"
Elsabijn Koelman Young Expert Programme, Programme Officer, SearNet, Kenya www.searnet.net

"I believed that rainwater harvesting is the technique that properly deals with existing integrated/desegregated issues or problem i.e. water security, climate change adaptation, food security and gender issues (women drudgery) in Nepal."
Saroj Yakami Young Expert Programme, Programme Officer, MetaMeta, Nepal www.metameta.nl

"Spending months in dry land areas shows the challenges communities face with regard to water availability, access and quality made me understand how inadequately rain has been utilized in the region. I thus find myself happy to join RAIN, being able to participate in initiatives aimed at harnessing rain for livelihood improvement!"
James Williams Kisekka Young Expert Programme, Uganda

"Complex problems require complex solutions. RWH through permacultural design and combined with Soil Restoration and Education is the road to sustainable food security."
Alexander Tinti Sri Lanka

“Water is the source of life and our most precious resource. With its proper management and application through innovative models and technologies, we will create prosperity and a better quality of life for our future generations”.
Carlos V. Urmeneta Country Director, iDE Honduras Honduras www.ideorg.org/

When we started the www.rainwaterclub.org in circa 1991 we were sure that rainwater would be a huge part of the solution to the water crisis. We have learnt and seen it providing solutions for supplemental water , for safe water in areas of water quality problems, for agriculture as a supplement and the traditional history of water harvesting in india is seeing a renaissance in many modern avatars. Happy to be a part of the global knowledge network to share and learn from all over on rainwater for food.
Vishwanath S. Advisor at Biome Environmental Trust Banglore, India www.biome-solutions.com

Han Heijnen Senior Vice-President at H&E Associates Nepal

Alex Oduor Programme Officer - Water Management at World Agroforestry Centre Kenya www.worldagroforestrycentre.net

"Everywhere where it rains, we can create water points."
Abdourahmane Ousmane Secrétaire Exécutif at Association VDS Burkina Faso

More and more organisations and people are active in the field of rainwater harvesting – and so can you, through the Rainwater for Food Security programme.

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More and more organisations and people are active in the field of rainwater harvesting – and so can you, through the Rainwater for Food Security programme. Whether it is in projects related to water supply, food security, urban planning or other fields, rainwater harvesting is becoming a starting point for development. Especially now that the importance of this renewable water source is getting recognition all around the world.


What can this programme do for you?

The Rainwater for Food Security programme aims to support your organisation on:

  • strengthening your position;
  • gaining access to tools for sharing information and knowledge;
  • learning from innovation projects.

How does the programme do this?

  • By strengthening and expanding your networks. This will create new opportunities for collaboration, promotion of rainwater harvesting and finding new entrances for funding.
  • By creating opportunities for generating more exposure for you as an individual and for your organisation. We offer you various ways to share your knowledge, experience and good practices.
  • By providing you with access to a rich knowledge base on rainwater harvesting.

What’s this website about?

This website is created to support networking and sharing of good practices and knowledge on rainwater harvesting. Many regional and national networks and practical examples exist, but there is a need to combine these efforts on a global level and make access to information available for all.


What can you do to spread the word?

Combining efforts and letting as many people as possible learn about rainwater harvesting cannot be done without your support! Start sharing now and become an active member of the global community on rainwater harvesting. On this website you can go to:

  • Network and Community to become a member of the global rainwater harvesting community and directly take up contact with many organisations all around the world;
  • our Rainwater Wiki to share and find interesting projects, tools and technologies;
  • Sharing Documents to share and find relevant documentation on rainwater harvesting.
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