Discussing evidence-based fieldwork and analysing good practices on rainwater harvesting is crucial to get a clear understanding of rainwater harvesting and its implementation. Therefore, we sincerely invite you to share the knowledge and experience you gained with your rainwater harvesting projects. Particularly to the extent that they involve 3R (Recharge, Retention and Re-use), MUS (Multiple Use Services) and ‘Sustainable water supply and food security’. Perhaps you can even provide tools and methodologies. These can greatly support implementers and decision makers on integrating rainwater harvesting into plans, projects and programmes.

Below, you will find information on different pilot projects. Also several tools can be found which will give guidance to implementation of rainwater harvesting projects, such as the 3R Planning Tool and the Sustainable Finance Tool. These tools will support implementers, decision makers and others to integrate 3R, MUS and sustainable finance into their programmes and projects.

Project Pilots

For an overview of all pilots, see Rainwater Wiki: Innovation Pilots

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