IRHA IRHA, the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance, was created in Geneva in November 2002 following recommendations formulated during the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. The IRHA programme seeks to promote RWH as a tool for climate change adaptation and as a water resource which should be viewed in the framework of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).The IRHA Secretariat implements its strategy through four activities: project implementation, capacity building & awareness raising, empowering the RWH Movement, and political positioning of RWH. In partnership with the most eminent organisations and individuals in the field, the IRHA provides a lobbying and advocacy platform for RWH. It supports the growth of RWH solutions to water supply problems. It also provides a forum for its members to work together or share experiences, and thus for the benefit of people living with water scarcity.
RAAS The Rainwater Association of Somalia (RAAS) in the Somali language has two meanings:  “Habitation” and “Family”. RAAS is a national/international membership association of NGOs, CBOs, professional associations, research/education institutions, private companies, individuals, government departments and international partners who are actively involved or genuinely interested in promoting rainwater harvesting and utilization.RAAS’ mission is to enhance the dissemination of RWH information, experiences, and technologies as well as promote the coordination and networking among national/international stakeholders involved in RWH activities in Somalia.
RWSN RWSN, the Rural Water Supply Network, is a global network of over 3000 professionals and practitioners working to raise standards of knowledge and evidence, technical and professional competence, practice and policy in rural water supply and so fulfill the vision of sustainable rural water services for all.The RWSN primary activities include: implementation, funding and investment, policy, knowledge and networking, and training in which the following themes are supported: accelerating self supply (ACCESS)sustainable groundwater developmentequity and inclusion, and management and support. This involvement has naturally enabled RWSN to collaborate with like-minded RWH organisations in producing collaborative literature on a range of RWH projects, forums and methods.
SEARNET, Southern & Eastern Africa Rainwater Network, created a movement for rainwater harvesting (RWH) in South Asia and Eastern and Southern Africa as a complement to conventional ways of water supply and management. SearNet influences policies in these regions on water management that incorporate de-centralised, participatory and locale-specific water harvesting systems.SEARNET promotes “green water” harvesting, a concept understood to represent water harvesting for all purposes at household and farm levels with emphasis on water for agricultural production. SEARNET’s programme increased awareness and networking amongst all key target groups (government officials, NGOs, the private sector, and institutions of higher learning), performed policy research and evaluation, and enabled capacity building conducted amongst key stakeholders.
Spate Irrigation Network The Spate Irrigation Network aims to improve the livelihoods of those living in the spate irrigated areas. It exchanges experiences and good practices, initiates and supports new programs and policies, and mainstreams education and training.The network consists of professionals, practitioners and farmers. At present the network has more than 400 members. It is being run with a small part time international secretariat (at MetaMeta and UNESCO-IHE) whereas in four countries national chapters are being set up: in Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan and Ethiopia, though activities are not confined to these countries.
The Water Channel TheWaterChannel was launched at the WordWaterForum in 2009 in Istanbul as a partnership of MetaMeta Communications, Nymphaea, UNESCO-IHE, and Cap-Net. The idea was to support educationand awareness in water by making video material available that is often scattered and easily lost. TheWaterChannel wants to ‘touch’ their visitors and help inspire them to work towards a world of better water management.In 2011 TheWaterChannel entered a new phase: TheNextWave. Their vision is to become an important force for change in water management by making it possible to provide fast learning, be an open source for practical and inspired learning, and to bring water on many unexpected agendas! TheWaterChannel will expand on all fronts: more videos, more side activities, and more real world presence!
logo bebuffered_1 The 3R partnership consists of the following core partners: RAIN, Acacia Water, MetaMeta and Aqua for All. Partners are all engaged with Recharge, Retention and Reuse of (rain)water. They join forces in their efforts to contribute to climate change adaptation and to pro poor development. Supporting partners are BGR (Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe im GEOZENTRUM, Germany) and IGRAC (International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre, The Netherlands).
logo iDE iDE’s work in Latin America began in 2007 in Nicaragua with a pilot project to determine the benefits of affordable supplementary drip irrigation for small scale coffee growers. Operations have since expanded into four additional countries with the launch of iDEal Tecnologías, a for-profit social enterprise owned by iDE. iDEal offers significant cost reduction and streamlined distribution channels for affordable and appropriate micro irrigation products throughout the region. IDE’s innovative approaches to supply chain creation and extension services through the creation of Farm Business Advisors (local last mile distribution network) has been validated in the field successfully, with traditional coffee farmers who are now growing vegetables with irrigation to generate income year-round. Micro-irrigation technologies have been validated in major agricultural universities in the region such as the Panamerican Agricultural School (Zamorano), where a Production Centre for Sustainable Rural lnnovations {CEPIRS) has been established with support from SDC Global Water Division in Berne.
logo Excellent Development Excellent Development (Excellent) is an international NGO that has been providing specialist technical and organisational support for water management in rural dryland development for more than 10 years. It works with marginalised rural dryland communities to increase access to clean water, food production and incomes through water harvesting solutions that are inexpensive, sustainable and suited to local conditions, primarily through the construction and use of sand dams.Additionally, Excellent helps a number of other organisations from around the world to learn about the benefits of sand dams and how to implement them, through funding, training courses, provision of technical resources and consultancy services. It has directly supported sand dam pilots through feasibility studies and supervision of sand dam construction in Swaziland, India, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Mozambique and with indirect support to pilots in Sudan.
Akvo_RGB_logo Akvo builds open source internet and mobile software which is used to make international development cooperation and aid activity more effective and transparent. We provide the software as a service to the vast majority of the organisations we work with, backed by a partner-support and training team.Akvo RSR stands for Really Simple Reporting. It’s a web- and Android-based system that makes it easy for development aid teams to bring complex networks of projects online and share progress with everyone involved and interested.Akvo FLOW is a mobile phone and online service that transforms field monitoring using Android smart phones.Akvo Openaid helps governments and big international organisations present aid-spend data online in easy to navigate ways so they can meet transparency obligations. Akvopedia is a portal for online knowledge on smart, low-cost, sustainable water and sanitation technology and approaches. Akvo is a non-profit foundation headquartered in the Netherlands with staff in Sweden, Kenya, the UK, Germany, Spain, India and the United States. Akvo’s tools are open source and used by over 1,800 organisations throughout the world in areas such as water, sanitation, health, education and economic development.
Logo CBC bew-1 The “Bartolomé de Las Casas” Andean Regional Studies Centre (CBC) is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 1974. Since then, it has defined its purpose as conducting research in order to understand, appreciate and promote the complexity of the Andean population. All the organisation’s activities are rooted in one belief: the self-determination of the peoples of the Andes can be realised through the generation of solid, accessible and widely disseminated information, by opening up the horizons of understanding of society and of individuals, and through the exchange of knowledge, methods and techniques that enable everyone involved to take control of their own destiny. This belief is the definition of its mission statement.
sedcero-logo-1559x1037-alta-1 The tri-national program SEDCERO is the coordinated action of diverse social actors in facilitating solutions to provide families in rural communities in the Gran Chaco Americano with access to water suitable for human consumption. Additionally, it seeks to intervene in the realities of life in the Gran Chaco, to improve the current capabilities for solving social problems at the level of public policy, as well as social and community management.
The strength of SEDCERO lies in its collective and participatory design with the strong involvement of a multiplicity of social actors (the State, companies, international bodies, civil society organizations and citizens in general). As such, it pays special attention to the cultural, geographical, techno-productive and social diversity of communities in the Gran Chaco and considers them to be key when making decisions and implementing technological systems to solve local and regional issues.
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